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How Can Your Texas Business Receive a Higher Settlement Value in a Commercial Theft Claim?

If a thief broke into your place of business by throwing a brick through the window after trying to tamper with your doors, your commercial building may have suffered serious damage to doors, windows, and frames in addition the theft and monetary loss that occurred.

When theft occurs to your Texas business, your primary focus is to get your business back up and running so that there is no downtime and lost profit. A skilled Texas commercial insurance claim attorney will be able to help you determine what your insurance policy covers and make the appropriate claims.

Most commercial theft claims cover the loss of stolen items as well as the damage that was caused when the thief broke in. However, insurance companies do not always want to pay what you truly deserve. This is why hiring a qualified insurance litigation lawyer on your side is essential, so that you can collect the full compensation amount for your losses. An attorney who is qualified in insurance theft claims can help you file a new claim or supplemental claim that may include lost time from work due to the damages your business suffered.

If your commercial business was not operational for a period of time due to the theft and you lost sales, you suffered a loss that needs to be recovered. We may be able to get you compensation for such losses. We will provide the insurance company with an accurate claim and negotiate on your behalf, which typically leads to a higher settlement value than you could receive on your own.

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