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How to Protect Your Brand BEFORE Disaster Strikes

In a recent article, we shared seven steps to take to protect your brand after your business is affected by an adverse event, such as a fire, accident, or a severe storm. However, you should know that you can take action to protect your business and your brand before these incidents ever take place.

What can you do now to protect your brand in case of a future loss event?

  • Have a plan. When disaster strikes, it happens fast. And the longer you wait to protect your brand after it happens, the more damage will be done. As soon as an incident occurs, you should have a mechanisms in place that immediately begin a response.
  • Have a great social media strategy. One of the best ways to protect your brand after a disaster is to utilize social media websites like Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. But these actions could be meaningless if you haven’t built a following or if you don’t post often enough.
  • Claim your brand. How much control of your brand do you have right now? When it comes to review websites, forums, domains, and review sites, are you in charge? This could make a huge difference when your brand is endangered by a loss event at your company.
  • Set up Google alerts. What are the media and the public saying about your company and your brand? Getting alerts when your business is mentioned online can help you understand your reputation and respond to inaccurate or unfair criticism.

Voss Law Firm can help you with your industrial insurance claim after disaster strikes – and we can help you protect your brand at the same time. Call our team of attorneys today to learn more: 888-614-7730.

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