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Wildfires seem unfair, damaging and destroying homes and businesses that are in their pathway. In the aftermath of the fire, people are filing property claims with their insurance companies for their personal property losses and structural damages. Sadly, many homeowners and business owners lose everything in a fire, including proof of what they had.

When insurance and property records are destroyed in a fire, it can slow down a Texas residential insurance claim. Additionally, people might not get as much compensation as they may have gotten if they would have had documentation of their losses.

Documentation can include the following:

  • Receipts

  • Photographs

  • Video

  • Home inventory list

It is important that homeowners and business owners keep their important documentation in a fireproof safe, because you never know when a fire may strike. In fact, it is actually beneficial to keep a second set of documents and proof, such as pictures and receipts, in an off-site location as a preventative measure.

You may not think you will ever be a victim of a wildfire in Texas or elsewhere around this nation, but you never know when a natural disaster will occur. All homeowners, therefore, need a home inventory list and photographs for their own records—this will speed up the claims process and help you get as much as possible for your losses.

If you need help filing a fire insurance claim in Texas, call our Houston insurance litigation attorneys at the Voss Law Firm at 888-614-7730 today.

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