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Learn the Dangers of Misrepresented Coins from a Knowledgeable Coin Fraud Lawyer

It's sad that there are few people in gold coin industry and numismatic world that aspiring investors and coin buyers can trust. We are constantly hearing about telemarketers and salespeople who sell coins well above their true market value to innocent buyers, mainly to elderly individuals.

Because there are unscrupulous sellers out there who prey on people's investments and take their money during difficult times, buyers need to beware of the dangers of misrepresented coins before they sink their life savings into coin investments.

Many dealers are misrepresenting coins to their clients by housing coins in holders from unconventional grading services that indicate a coin's grading as substantially higher than market values. Some of the most problematic grading issues have come from coins that are graded by the Numismatic Trust Corp. and National Numismatic Certification, LLC.

If you have found yourself in this situation, or if one of your family members was taken advantage of by a dishonest coin dealer, you may have rights. If you have attempted to dispute the transaction with the seller or dealer and the issue was not resolved to your satisfaction, talk with an experienced coin fraud lawyer who is successful in resolving gold coin fraud cases.

An attorney familiar with numismatic issues, gold coin fraud and the dangers of purchasing and selling numismatic coins can be of great help to you during this time, as they will urge the seller to reimburse you in order to avoid legal action.

Call the Voss Law Firm for a free legal consultation at 888-614-7730 today, and make sure to request your FREE copy of coin fraud attorney Bill Voss's book Coin Fraud - Is Your Investment at Risk?
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