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Many Businesses Are Hurting from Hurricane Irene

Sadly there were many businesses along the East Coast that suffered wind damage, rain damage, flood damage, and overall hurricane damage from Hurricane Irene. As business owners are starting to realize the financial costs and implications of damage caused by Hurricane Irene, they are starting to file insurance claims for commercial property damage.

Business owners who have suffered losses due to Hurricane Irene need to read through their business insurance policies or have an attorney knowledgeable in commercial insurance matters review their business insurance policy to determine coverage.

Most business insurance policies provide coverage for the building's exterior from wind damage as a result of a hurricane. In addition, office furniture, computers, equipment and other items that are necessary for a business to operate are generally covered, if damaged. However, flood damage is generally not covered, and business owners need to take out a separate insurance policy for protection against floods.

If a business was forced to shut down and lose income from Hurricane Irene damage, commercial insurance policies should have business interruption insurance coverage, which can help cover the income a business loses until it is repaired.

Working with Your Insurance Company

Because insurance companies are being hit hard for residential and commercial insurance claims this year, do not be surprised if your commercial insurance claim comes back denied or for a smaller amount than you deserve.

You do not have to accept this decision. Turn to a skilled commercial insurance claim attorney if you are being low-balled or if your claim has been denied. Call the Voss Law Firm at 888-614-7730 for a free legal consultation today.

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