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Is it Taking “Forever” to Get a Fair Resolution for Your Marine Tornado Insurance Claim?

Tornadoes can form very quickly, and marine policyholders don’t usually get much warning. However, the claims process that policyholders go through after a tornado-producing storm doesn’t move quite as fast. In many cases, policyholders can be left waiting for months—or even years—for a resolution from the insurance company and the money they need to recover. These kinds of delays can be devastating for policyholders of all kinds, from the owners of major marine businesses to individual boat owners.

Why Marine Tornado Claims Are Delayed

There are a lot of reasons for delays in insurance payments after a tornado, but it’s often due to one or a combination of the following issues:

  • Storms, high winds, and individual twisters can affect large areas, and there may be a limited number of adjusters and contractors available to handle the large number of claims from policyholders.
  • Problems with your documentation or errors in the filing of your claim can create long delays.
  • Insurance companies sometimes delay claims in hopes that policyholder will accept less—or just give up hope.

Whether the delay is due to an error or unfair tactics from the insurance company, you can get help with a difficult claim for tornado losses. If you are struggling to get answers or come to a resolution for a marine insurance claim, you can get immediate assistance by contacting our law office at 888-614-7730. You can also find helpful information and the answers to many questions in our free book, Your Basic Guide to Marine Insurance.


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