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"Blessed to be Alive" Couple Escapes from Massive Tornado

"Blessed to be Alive" Couple Escapes from Massive Tornado

ORANGE, Texas – Dramatic video shows a couple racing to outrun a tornado in Texas, jumping into a ditch for shelter.

Zachary Peck-Chapman and his partner were caught completely off guard when they were forced to flee their RV and seek shelter from the tornadic storms that recently passed through Orange, Texas. Although their experience was terrifying, both are thankful for their safety, as the storm destroyed neighboring buildings, flipped commercial trucks over and uprooted trees throughout the area.

The storm hit this town along with others, including Houston, Deer Park, Mount Belvieu, Pasadena, Baytown. Zachary and his partner may have encountered difficulties by being displaced from their RV for a brief period of time. However, they are truly blessed for being alive after facing Mother Nature's wrath first hand.

"Scariest moment of our life," Peck-Chapman said in a tweet posted with the video.

The National Weather Service issued a Tornado Warning in the area about 4:30 p.m. local time Tuesday as a line of severe storms swept through the town. The agency warned residents of the life-threatening situation and to seek shelter immediately.

What You Should Do if You Are Driving Near a Tornado

Tornadoes can form practically anywhere and at any time, making it all the more important to be prepared for when a twister arrives. If you spot one while driving, it's best to pull over and seek shelter right away. If structures are available that are constructed with sturdy material, such as concrete or brick, entering one and going down to its lowest level without windows is the safest option.

However, if this type of shelter is not available, then your next line of action should be finding the lowest point on the ground possible - whether that be a ditch or culvert - lying down there and covering your head with your hands for protection. Remembering these steps during severe weather conditions can keep you safe from harm’s way.

Tuesday's severe weather produced a line of chaos and destruction across southeastern Texas and southwestern Louisiana. At least 14 reports of tornadoes have been made as the storms have taken their toll on property and infrastructure, leading to injuries in some cases. Fortunately, the collective luck from this catastrophic event was that there were no reported deaths from these dangerous twisters. Although we are thankful for the lack of life lost due to these destructive forces, the damage caused will take time for those affected to rebuild and heal from.

The same line of powerful severe storms that battered the Houston area in southeastern Texas is now pushing its way across the Southeast and is expected to impact areas from northern Florida to eastern North Carolina.

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