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How Can I Get Help If the Insurer Delays My Tornado Insurance Claim?

All too often, one finds themselves waiting and waiting for answers about a tornado insurance claim, and it’s time to start taking control.

Without specific details about your policy and your situation, it is hard to say exactly why your tornado insurance claim has been delayed.

However, you should know that there are a lot of reasons for delays in tornado insurance claims—and it’s really not that uncommon for policyholders to wait months, weeks, or years for a resolution.

Fortunately, though, it is sometimes possible to speed up the process and get the insurance settlement you need.

Why Are Tornado Insurance Claims Delayed?

Tornado insurance claim delays can be as simple as a paperwork error or overlooked detail, but resolving delays isn’t always so easy.

Tornado-producing storms often affect large areas or several different regions over a wide location, and they often occur in the same seasons as other damaging storms.

This means that insurance companies may need to send hundreds of insurance adjusters to help with the huge number of incoming tornado claims after even just a single major storm.

It is important to understand that the adjusters who respond to tornado insurance claims may be rushed, handling a lot of claims, or working long hours.

Some may also lack some of the training and experience needed to settle a tornado insurance claim efficiently.

All of these issues can lead to longer waits for policyholders, as well as an increased likelihood that some losses may be missed.

Tornados can also leave much more complex questions about coverage than a typical storm.

Homes or businesses may have sustained multiple major damages or even be total losses, meaning that the ensuing tornado insurance claim is substantial.

There can also be questions about how certain losses are covered under existing policies, especially when it comes to exterior losses or water damage.

Of course, there are also times when the insurance company is acting unfairly or in “bad faith.”

Sadly, it isn’t uncommon for insurance companies to drag your tornado insurance claim out for months or years for no apparent reason, sometimes in hopes of convincing you, the policyholder, to accept less than what your tornado insurance claim is really worth

Some policyholders may also start running into longer and longer delays after they have refused a “low ball” offer or a settlement that doesn’t cover the full extent of their losses.

The plain truth is that insurance companies stand to gain a lot when major tornado insurance claims are delayed, so it’s worth looking into your rights if your claim seems to be taking longer than usual to resolve.

Where Can I Get Help With a Delayed Tornado Insurance Claim?

No matter why your claim has been delayed, you deserve a timely resolution.

If your insurance claim has been unreasonably delayed, you can get help by reaching out to an attorney who has experience with insurance disputes and complex claims.

He or she can help you pinpoint the cause of the delay and take action to move the process along.

When you work with an experienced policyholder attorney, he or she can take steps to help you effectively get the tornado insurance claim you deserve.

Here are the benefits of getting legal help from an insurance litigation attorney when trying to get your tornado insurance claim.

  • Review and analyze your claim for potential problems that might be causing delays.
  • Help you arrange for independent assessments and estimates of damage.
  • Communicate with the insurance company about the delay.
  • Help facilitate a more effective and timely resolution of a tornado insurance claim.
  • Clearly explain what your options are for moving forward.
  • Negotiate a fair resolution and prepare for potential litigation if a satisfactory resolution can’t be reached in a reasonable amount of time.

Do you need help with a tornado insurance claim that has been endlessly or mysteriously delayed?

Working with an attorney who has extensive experience with property damage claims can help you both protect your rights and maximize your claim.

For immediate assistance with your questions, you can call our law office at 1-281-549-8911, use our online contact form, or start a Live Chat now.

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