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There May Be More to Denied Marine Insurance Claims Than Meets the Eye

If you have submitted a marine insurance claim for damages to a vessel, loss of cargo, or other losses, you may be depending on the success of that claim to recover from damage and get back into operation. However, denials do happen, and many ship owners find themselves in a difficult position and are unsure how to take action. Fortunately, it is possible to fight a denied insurance claim, and our experienced policyholder attorneys can help make sure that your struggle ends in maximum recovery.

Marine insurance claims are unlike other claims, especially if you operate in international waters or face liability related to your losses. With the support of a professional legal team, you will have access to insider knowledge of the claims process, insight into potential delays and problems, support if the matter goes to litigation, and full-service guidance from a trusted legal ally. Fighting denied claims on behalf of individual and commercial policyholders is what we do, and we will make sure you are prepared to meet each challenge along the way.

Fighting Future Denied Claims With an Ounce of Prevention

Besides supporting you through a claim or fighting a denied claim, our professional team can also help you mitigate loss in the future by reviewing your current coverage, identifying problems, and taking action to limit your liability for loss. Careful choices about coverage and regular review of your policies and responsibilities can effectively limit losses and difficulties in future claims.

For more information or immediate assistance, reach out to our experienced policyholder attorneys today by phone, email, or the confidential contact form on this page.

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