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Preparation is necessary in life. People prepare to travel by packing their bags and making sure they leave on time to get to the airport. When you are preparing to travel and leave on a vacation, you should also take steps to make sure you are leaving your home in a safe manner. This is the same way people should prepare their valuables and home for the next Texas wildfire.

Insurance Preparation Tips
One of the most important things to do to prepare for a possible fire is to collect all your identification cards, important documents, birth certificates, marriage license, passport and insurance policies, and keep them in one place. This way you will know right where it is in case of an evacuation. 

Additional tips include:
  • Take a home inventory – keep it up-to-date when there are new big purchases, remodeling or anything noteworthy. It is important to take pictures or videotape your home from time to time and email the pictures or film to yourself or store offsite in a safe location.
  • Know your insurance policy – before you need to make a residential insurance claim in Texas or anywhere in the U.S., it is wise to know what your policy covers and its limits. If you have made upgrades or additions to your home, your limits may be too low for replacement costs. 
  • Check for additional living expenses – Verify your coverage noted in your homeowner’s insurance policy to see that it covers food, lodging and other expenses if you are required to evacuate and leave your residence. 
  • Renters insurance – if you rent a home, townhouse, or apartment, you may need to get renters insurance to cover your personal items in case of a fire. 

If you suffered a loss in a Texas fire, you will need help filling out your property damage claim. For help understanding your insurance policy and to learn more about your rights, call a trusted Texas insurance claim attorney for help at the Voss Law Firm. You will receive a free, no-obligation discussion today by calling 888-614-7730.
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