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Questions to Ask About Your Act Of God Insurance Claim Denial

So, your home was damaged in a natural disaster like a hurricane or tornado and the insurance company denied your homeowner’s insurance claim. The company said it is because the storm that damaged your property was an “Act of God.” You are confused—isn’t this exactly why you have property insurance in the first place? If your policy doesn’t cover “Acts of God,” what does it cover?

We know that this situation can be both frustrating and confusing. Take a deep breath and know that you have a right to be upset. Many, many people, including judges, have been confused and stumped by the very same legal term. Before you go any further, answer the following questions:

  • Was the damage caused by a natural disaster?
  • Is the type of disaster common in your geographic area?
  • Is the type of disaster predictable?
  • Is property in your area commonly protected against these disasters?
  • Was the disaster of uncommon strength or severity?
  • Is your insurance company being flooded with similar claims?
  • What does your insurance policy say about Acts of God?

It is important to note that every homeowner’s insurance claim is different. The details of your case could differ even from others stemming from the same storm. To learn more about your individual claim, it is advisable to speak with a Texas homeowner’s insurance claim attorney. Discuss with us your answers to the above questions and learn about your best options for action. At the Voss Law Firm, we offer hurricane victims free, private meetings with an attorney. To schedule yours, please call our office today at 888-614-7730.

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