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Cities and Residents Across the Southern United States Suffer in Severe Storms

The South braced for another round of wind and rain, but property damage from one of the most recent storms of 2015 was widespread. The severe storms that were responsible for tornadoes and flooding in Texas over Halloween weekend continued to move across the South in the days following, leaving a wake of damage that included parts of The Carolinas, Alabama, Georgia, and Florida. Most damage to homes and businesses across the South were attributed to either high winds produced by the storm or the flooding left by heavy rains, but possible tornadoes were reported in some areas. Here are some of the latest reports of damage from that storm system, as reported by

  • Alabama.  In Alabama, Henry County saw some of the worst damage from the storm system. Some school properties in Headland were severely damaged, prompting closures following the storm. Although many residents suspected a tornado or straight-line winds may have been responsible, neither had yet been confirmed by the National Weather Service.
  • Georgia. Atlanta’s sewer system was overwhelmed by heavy rains in some areas. One park and playground were flooded with sewage backup that flowed from manholes. In nearby Norcross, one mobile home park was evacuated due to flooding. Multiple roadways were closed or impassable due to flood waters and debris. Two tornadoes were also confirmed in Grady County and Colquitt County.
  • Florida. Washington County was reporting damages as the storm system reached the state, and at least one home near Alford was damaged.

Unfortunately, the severe flooding and stormy conditions were responsible for at least one death of a motorist, and officials were still determining whether other lives were lost in connection with the storm. Because the storm system was so severe and affected so many areas across the South, it could be months before total damages and losses are fully reported.

Getting Informed About Your Insurance Rights After Tornadoes and Severe Storms

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