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Businesses Can Avoid Being Scammed by Tree-Removal Contractors With These Easy Tips

Severe storms and weather events can affect large regions, leaving many individuals and businesses in need of tree-removal and tree-care services. Unfortunately, after major weather events, many unlicensed or “fly-by-night” services prey on vulnerable policyholders, especially commercial policyholders who may be focusing on finding cost-effective services over quality services. However, even though your business is pressed to protect its bottom line, don’t fall for the scam. 

Tips for Choosing a Legitimate and Professional Tree-Removal Contractor for Your Business

To avoid putting your business at risk, take steps to make sure that the tree-care company you work with:

  • Is properly licensed and insured
  • Has reputable references and no history of complaints
  • Offers a detailed written estimate
  • Is willing to talk with you about your tree-care and removal needs

Additionally, you may want to speak with several tree-care companies in your area to get a better idea of professional standards, pricing structures, and what services might be needed to help your business recover.

By taking the time to investigate the contractors you hire after your business sustains damage, you can avoid serious complications and safety concerns while making sure you have the professional documentation needed to make your insurance claim a success.

If your business if having trouble working with contractors or getting the support you need from the insurance company, don’t hesitate to reach out to our experienced team of policyholder attorneys today. You may also wish to request your free copy of our book, Commercial Property Owners Must Read This Before Filing an Insurance Claim

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