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People have homeowner’s insurance to cover them in the event of a disaster, such as a fire. When residents pay their insurance premiums on time year after year, they often expect that their insurance company will be loyal to them when they need their insurer to pay out on a homeowner’s claim. 

However, insurance companies sometimes do not live up to their end of the deal. In fact, many insurance companies have been sued for failure to pay claims or denying full payment of a fire claim. 

If you lost your personal property and suffered damage to your home in a Texas fire, plus incurred additional living expenses because your home was uninhabitable after the fire, you deserve to be adequately compensated. 

If your insurer has denied your insurance claim or has failed to pay your fire claim in full according to the terms in your policy, you may have rights to sue for damages. Please call an experienced Texas insurance claim attorney for legal guidance, as fire claims can be complex.

At the Voss Law Firm, our experienced Texas insurance claim lawyers will review your insurance policy, evaluate the facts surrounding your case and claim, answer your questions, and let you know what we think your case is worth. If we find that the insurance company has not lived up to their end of the deal, then we will attempt to negotiate with them on your behalf. 

If the insurance company is not willing to budge, then we can file suit against them to help you recover the compensation you deserve after a denied insurance claim. Call for a free consultation today at 888-614-7730, and also request your free copy of our book Disputes With Your Insurance Company – What All Consumers Need to Know. 
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