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Filing a Home Insurance Claim for Boiler Explosions or Breakdowns

Texas lawyer for boiler insurance claimsIn Texas, many homes use a boiler as their source of heat. At times, this equipment may not work properly due to various issues and can result in damage to your property. Attorney Bill Voss explains the specific risks for boilers in a property and what you need to do in the event of a boiler explosion or breakdown to maximize an insurance claim for damage to your home. 

Risks Associated With Boilers

While many homes use a boiler as a source of heat, it can come with certain risks and dangers. Boilers in a home can have the following risks:

If you do have a boiler in the home, it is important to keep the area around it free from debris and clutter. Items close to the boiler are at risk of causing a fire. It is also important to have the boiler checked annually and to keep up with any routine maintenance or service.  

In the event of a boiler breakdown or explosion, you will want to take care of the matter as soon as possible to make sure that your home is safe. You may need to turn off the gas to your home, stop any further water from leaking, or clean up damage caused by the boiler malfunction to prevent additional damage. It’s important to contact your insurance company as soon as possible to file a claim for damage from the boiler. Your policy may have certain time limits to do so and you will want to make sure you follow those to recover damages. The insurance company will send an adjuster to document the damage to your home. You should be there to point out anything and everything that was damaged as a result of the boiler breakdown or explosion.

Property Insurance Options for Boiler Coverage

When choosing an insurance policy, it is important to have the right coverage for the type of equipment you have in your home. This includes coverage for a boiler used for heating. It is important to review and understand your specific insurance policy to make sure that it covers boilers. Not every policy is the same so depending on your specific policy, some things may not be included or covered. If you have questions or are unsure about what is covered, ask your insurance agent to explain your policy coverage.

In a standard homeowners policy, boiler breakdowns may be covered under certain circumstances, such as:

  • The boiler breaks down due to an explosion
  • The boiler was destroyed in a natural disaster (A natural disaster may include fires, windstorms, or hailstorms. However, floods, mudslides, and earthquakes are not typically included in a standard homeowner's policy and require the purchase of additional coverage.)

In addition, standard policies do not typically cover a boiler breakdown due to the following:

  • Misuse
  • Improper installation
  • Failure to properly maintain the equipment
  • General wear and tear

Denied or Underpaid Claims

If your insurance company has denied or underpaid an insurance claim for your boiler explosion or breakdown, you should immediately do the following:

  • Keep a record of all interactions between the insurance agent and yourself
  • Document any damage that occurred from the boiler explosion or breakdown to provide evidence of your loss (This can include photos of the damage and any receipts.)
  • Contact an insurance claims attorney such as The Voss Law Firm to discuss your case, help protect your rights, and maximize the value of your claim

Contact Us For Help With Your Claim 

If you have suffered damage to your property due to a boiler breakdown or explosion and are being treated unfairly by the insurance company, The Voss Law Firm's experienced insurance claims attorneys can work to protect your legal rights and maximize the value of your claim. To learn more or to schedule a free initial consultation, complete our online contact form or call our office at 888-614-7730. We have recovered billions of dollars in settlements for our insurance policyholder clients and do not charge a fee unless we win your case.


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