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Many different business disputes arise throughout the country every day. Some disputes are settled fairly quickly, and others take years to sort out in court. This is why it is important that anyone facing a business dispute talk with a skilled business attorney to find out their rights and protect themselves from accusations.

Recent Business Litigation Lawsuit Settled After Lengthy Battle
One such lengthy business dispute matter that has recently been resolved involved Motorola Solutions and Motorola Mobility claiming that Lemko, a Schaumburg technology company founded by former Motorola employees, conspired to steal trade secrets.

The business dispute accused Hanjuan Jin, a former Motorola software engineer, of working for Motorola and Lemko simultaneously. She was intercepted in 2007 at an airport with a one-way ticket to Beijing and allegedly carrying over 1,000 Motorola company documents. Motorola then filed a suit against Jin and Lemko, accusing them of conspiring to steal their trade secrets. As a result, those parties filed counterclaims against Motorola, and Lemko claimed that Motorola stopped their ability to get investors and conduct business. Lemko also filed a separate lawsuit against Motorola, claiming that the company stole their source code for its cellular networks and phones. 

Although this lengthy battle started in 2007, it was just resolved this year, as both companies issued statements that “they have entered into an agreement to settle all pending litigation between them.”

Importance of Skilled Legal Counsel 

When facing a business dispute, it is critical to have an experienced Texas business litigation lawyer on your side to make sure your interests are being protected. Call the Voss Law Firm at (866) 276-6179 for a free consultation today.
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