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Texas Insurance Claim Attorney Can Help After Hail Storm Damage to Your Condo

When a serious storm strikes with high winds and golf ball sized hail, it can leave behind hail damage. Some of the most common hail damage claims are for roofs, siding, shutters, windows, gutters, and skylights.

Sometimes the damage is noticed right away, especially if the hail damage destroyed something that is in a visible location or if the roof starts leaking. However, when hail damages a roof of a condominium, sometimes it may not be noticed for a while, as the roofs on many condo complexes are two to three stories tall.

Condominium Roof Hail Damage

When you turn your hail damage insurance claim into your insurance carrier, you may assume that everything will be fine and they will pay for a new roof. However, sometimes these hail damage claims to a condominium complex get denied. This is especially true in condominium cases, as there may be a combination of roof leaks and other damages to different units and even to the common areas like the clubhouse.

The problem with these claims is that the condominium association as well as individual condo owners may be filing multiple damage claims. Even though the condominium association's insurance company should work with the association and the individual condo owners' insurance companies, oftentimes they may delay paying claims for repairs or deny claims.

Don't Take NO for an Answer

Large insurance companies try to use every trick and tactic in the book to find a way out of paying for losses. They have no problem collecting your premiums, but when you need them to pay a claim they may delay paying or deny it all together.

If you are not receiving a settlement in a timely manner due to insurance companies delaying or denying your claim for repairs to your individual condo unit or to the condominium association's common areas and buildings, contact the Voss Law Firm to consult with a Texas insurance claim attorney who can review your insurance bad faith claim. The Voss Law Firm can be reached at 888-614-7730 for a free legal consultation.

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