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Two Important Tips for Surviving the Next Hurricane

You may have just lived through Hurricane Irene, or you may know of someone who was not so fortunate. Just because you were not affected in this last storm doesn't mean you won't be in the future. Learn two important things to do to protect your home and your loved ones before the next hurricane or powerful storm strikes.

First, have an evacuation plan in place that you and your family have practiced before the emergency occurs. By planning ahead, you should be able to evacuate with all your family members and your most important personal items.

Second, it is important that you keep water and wind out of your home in order to survive the storm. Tips for survival include:
  • Seal your home's storm shutters and any loose openings.
  • Secure loose roof shingles. 
  • Seal cracks in your home's beams and arches.
  • Reinforce garage doors.
  • Trim trees back that could pose a danger.
  • Remove outdoor furniture and lawn items that could move in a windstorm.
  • Pick up any unsecured items outside of your house when you know the storm is coming.

When loose items are outside your home, they can be picked up and thrown in a serious windstorm or hurricane. By making your home more danger-resistant, you will be protecting your family and your home from additional damage.

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