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Understanding the TORRO Hailstorm Intensity Scale

Torro Hailstorm Intensity ScaleIn our last article, we discussed how meteorologists and storm experts measure the size of hail. However, we also discussed that a number of factors other than hail size affect the intensity of a hailstorm—including wind speeds, hail density, hail texture, and the length of the storm itself. How do weather experts measure the intensity of hailstorms?


In 1986, the Torro Hailstorm Intensity Scale was developed by Jonathan Webb as a way to measure and categorize hailstorms. Webb, who was a member of the Tornado and Storm Research Organization (TORRO) in England, created a 0-10 scale that begins at “no damage” and ends at catastrophic damage. Let’s take a closer look:

  • H0: No damage.
  • H1: Slight damage to plants and crops.
  • H2: Substantial damage to plants and crops.
  • H3: Hail brakes glass, dents vehicles.
  • H4: Widespread damage to crops, homes, vehicles, small animals.
  • H5: Widespread damage, plus damage to roofs, plus risk of human injury.
  • H6: Widespread damage, plus damage to grounded aircraft, plus brick damage.
  • H7: Serious roof damage to properties and vehicles, plus serious risk of human injury.
  • H8: Roofs are destroyed, trees are damaged, people are seriously injured.
  • H9: Concrete is damaged, trees are knocked down, some suffer fatal injuries.
  • H10: Severe damage to all properties, fatal injuries to those in the open.

As you can see, hailstorms can cause extensive and lasting damage to buildings, especially windows and roofs. The more severe the hailstorm, the more severe the damage. If your home or commercial property has been damaged in a hailstorm, it is vital that you receive the correct amount of insurance money so that you may make repairs. Speak to a Texas insurance attorney at Voss Law Firm to discuss your case during a free, private consultation: 888-614-7730.

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