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What should you do after a tree or limb damages your house? After you make sure your family is safe, it’s time to prepare for your insurance claim and repair your home. Here’s how.

Compile Information

To better understand your fallen tree insurance claim, you must first understand why the limb fell:  Was it due to a problem with the tree itself—such as rotting wood—or was it because of a storm and strong winds? Next, you have to understand who was responsible for the tree – Is it on your land or a neighbor’s land? Finally, you should find out the extent of your damage. For example, did the tree create a hole in your roof, and did rain that fell through the hole in your roof cause water damage?

Collect Evidence

Next, make sure that you have evidence to file with your claim. Take pictures of the tree and of the damage. Make copies of any correspondence you may have had with your neighbors about the tree being a danger. Keep track of all of your expenses, including any money you spend because you could not reside in your home.

Fight Against Wrongfully Denied or Underpaid Claims

Your work may not be done after you file your homeowners insurance claim. If the insurance company denies, delays, or underpays your claim, you may need to follow up. Call your insurance company and ask it to explain why it came to the particular decision, and how that decision is reflected in your insurance policy. Consider getting a lawyer to help fight your case.


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