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Can Municipalities Take Action When a Governmental Insurance Claim Is Denied?

Your municipality or district has a responsibility to the people and community it serves—so it isn’t easy to take “no” for an answer when governmental insurance claims are denied in the aftermath of a weather event or disaster. However, it isn’t always clear why a claim was denied or if anything can be done to change the insurance company’s mind about paying damage claims. And, unfortunately, many municipalities end up eating the costs of those denied claims while continuing to pay for policies that don’t offer the results they need.

If a governmental claim for your municipality has been denied, it’s time to take action—you may be able to fight for the coverage your community deserves.

Taking Action on Denied Governmental Insurance Claims

Although legal help isn’t necessary to negotiate every insurance claim, municipalities benefit from turning to an experienced legal team when problems arise. A policyholder attorney who is experienced with large and complex claims from government entities can dig through the details of the adverse event and your existing coverage to uncover the reasons for a denial. Once those issues have been identified, a policyholder attorney can offer guidance and support throughout negotiations and help make sure your municipality recovers the financial damages necessary to make repairs and start moving forward.

You depend on your governmental insurance company to help your community recover, and denials can create unfair roadblocks that affect numerous lives. To learn more about fighting denied governmental insurance claims, connect with the Voss Law Firm on Facebook, Twitter, or YouTube, or contact our experienced policyholder attorneys directly for immediate assistance with your questions.

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