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Why was my governmental insurance claim for disaster damages denied?

There are a number of reasons why large claims from governments, school districts, and municipalities are denied, and those reasons aren’t always obvious without a detailed review of the policy and damages. Many governmental insurance claims are denied for easily rectified problems, such as:

  • Missing or incorrect documentation. A simple typo or a missing report can create serious delays and sometimes outright denials of governmental insurance claims. Because so many forms, documents, estimates, and other evidence is necessary in the aftermath of a major disaster, this is a common problem for governmental policyholders.
  • Documents submitted under the wrong policy. Claims for different types of damages from different types of weather events or disasters may need to be submitted under different facets of the coverage your municipality carries. It’s surprisingly easy to carefully prepare a claim only to submit it under the wrong policy.
  • Tactics to save the insurance company’s bottom line. Some insurance companies will take advantage of policyholders if they think they can get away with saving on the cost of claims, and municipalities are not immune. Sometimes, initial denials are an unfair tactic to avoid paying the coverage that you depend on to protect the people you serve.

Part of the benefit of working with a legal team on governmental insurance claims is having the ability to identify and resolve potential problems—often before they have a chance to result in time-consuming denials. If you are having trouble negotiating a successful outcome for your municipality or district, don’t hesitate to reach out to a legal team with hands-on experience dealing with these kinds of complications. Call or email the professional legal team at the Voss Law Firm today for personalized help with your concerns.

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