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Will Texas Homeowners Insurance Pay for Frozen Pipes?

In Texas, the destruction caused by frozen pipes during the winter can be devastating. Even worse, these frozen pipes can burst, causing damage to your furniture, walls, flooring, and other possessions. According to research among 875 Texas homeowners, 16% reported frozen pipes in February 2021. That's a significant rate which puts the total damages in the billions.

However, even though frozen pipes can be terrible and leave you stranded in your home, it is usually comforting to know that you can rely on home insurance. But does Texas homeowners insurance pay for frozen pipes?

Are Frozen Pipes Covered by My Texas Homeowners' Insurance?

The answer to this question is yes and no. As a policyholder in Texas, if there's any water damage as a result of a frozen or broken pipe, your insurance company will likely cover it as long as it was sudden and accidental. However, they will not pay for the repair or the replacement of a frozen or burst pipe.

According to the Insurance Information Institute, Texas had the fourth-highest number of homeowners insurance claims for freezing and water damage in 2019. Realizing your homeowner's insurance policy does not cover frozen pipes but for water damages, it is important to file a claim for water damages only. However, there are three major exceptions to this rule.

Was your frozen pipe a result of negligence?

Could you have prevented your frozen pipe? You see, having water damage your furniture, ceilings, walls, etc as a result of negligence can give your insurance company valid reasons to deny your claim. For example, did you turn off the heat in your home during cold weather? Or did you turn off the water when you knew the cold weather could freeze your pipe? Then your insurance company will not pay for the damage to your home.

Was your broken pipe a result of a lack of maintenance?

You're expected to be proactive when it comes to maintaining and keeping your pipes in order. If you did not replace old or corroded pipes or you failed to adequately insulate your pipes, your homeowner's insurance claim for a frozen and burst pipe could be denied.

Was your broken pipe sudden or due to gradual wear and tear?

Your insurance company would pay for water damage and a broken pipe in your home if the bursting was sudden or accidental. For example, if your pipes froze due to an unusual cold snap, your claim will likely be approved. However, if the broken pipe was a result of normal aging, such as old pipes or corroded pipes, you may be out of luck.

Filing for Homeowners Insurance Pay for Frozen Pipes In Texas

As a policyholder in Texas, it can be frustrating to know that the possibility of you getting your insurance claim for your frozen and broken pipes is not always 100%. Many insurance companies have highly trained adjusters and attorneys on their side, whose jobs are to protect the insurance company’s bottom line. 

Without the resources, experience, and knowledge of the claims process that the insurance company starts with, individual policyholders can accept far less than their claims are worth or make other mistakes that wreck their chances of full recovery.

Frozen Pipes Can Cause Serious Damage

That's why it is important to look at the declarations page of your homeowner's insurance policy to find out what kind of claims you're entitled to. Another important thing to note is that when documenting water damage, do your best to take as many pictures as possible. Because the more pictures you take, the better chance you'll have when filing your claims.

However, even when you're entitled to your full insurance claims, some insurance companies will also prove difficult in settling your claims. Especially when the company is under financial pressure and needs to improve its revenue or when there's a new management that has a different approach to sorting out insurance claims. 

So they could try to convince you that the cost of fixing your frozen or broken pipe is far less than the deductible or connive with their adjusters to bring down the value of your insurance claims. But you don't have to let that happen. 

You should know that there is help available. By speaking to our homeowner insurance claim lawyer who understands how the homeowner insurance industry works, and the laws that protect you as a policyholder, you'll be able to fight back against the insurance company if you feel you've been treated unfairly or your rights have been denied.

When to Get Help With an Insurance Claim for a Frozen Pipe

As you've already read, it is possible to sort out your insurance claim alone and have your damages paid in full. In fact, as a Texas homeowner, it is expedient that you get the full benefits of your insurance policy especially after surviving the horrible winter storm. 

So, if your insurance company has refused to honor your insurance claims despite ticking all the boxes, we at Voss Law Firm are committed to giving you all the help you deserve. We understand your needs and work with you until your frozen pipe claims are paid. 

Every single day, we take cases on a contingency fee basis. That means if we can't get you a recovery, you pay us nothing. We start by listening to you, learning about your case, and answering any questions you might have. So don't wait until it's too late to get help.

Here's what our homeowners' insurance claim lawyers could help you achieve. 

● Determine why you are having trouble with an insurance claim

● Maximize your claim and make sure all losses are accounted for

● Take a thorough look at your policy to make sure there are no loopholes

● Protect your rights and negotiate on your behalf

● Make sure you can recover as soon as possible

● Notifying you of all the Texas insurance laws that apply to your case

This means, if you've been treated poorly by your insurance company, you can count on Voss Law Firm, P.C., to do whatever it takes to help you. That’s our purpose, drive, and passion.

Contact Our Team Of Homeowners Insurance Claim Lawyers Today

It can be frustrating when your insurance company denies you access to the full benefits of your insurance policy, especially when you've paid for it. They ought to cover your losses when the worst happens, such as a frozen or broken pipe that caused damage in your home. 

So if you're unable to get the full benefits you need from the damage caused by your frozen pipe, or if you feel you're being cheated on by your insurance company who should be giving you all the care you deserve, rest assured some laws protect your right as a policyholder. 

At Voss Law Firm, P.C., Our Homeowners Insurance Claim Lawyers are passionate about helping you recover every benefit you're entitled to in your insurance policy. So contact us today at 1-888-614-7730 and let us help you get the full payment for damage caused by your frozen pipe. Or you can set up a free case evaluation to speak with one of our policyholders' attorneys today.
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