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Does my church’s insurance policy cover damage from winter weather?

Yes, depending on your insurance policy and on the circumstances surrounding the structural damage, you should be able to successfully file an insurance claim if your church is damaged by a winter storm or the consequences of cold weather. For example, most church policies will cover the following types of cold-weather property damage:

  • Damage from frozen pipes
  • Roof damage from snow or ice
  • Damage from loss of electricity
  • Damage from falling branches or trees

However, there are exceptions. You may not be covered if your property damage involved flooding and you do not have a separate flood policy. You may also not be covered if the damage was caused by your failure to do regular maintenance on your property. Finally, your damage may not be covered in some instances if the event was considered an “Act of God.”

The single best way to know if your recent property damage is covered by your policy is to read the contract that you signed when you bought your policy. It contains all of the information that you need to determine whether or not you can file a claim. If you believe that your claim is valid and has been wrongfully denied, you may wish to contact an insurance claim law firm. You may also wish to contact an insurance claims lawyer if you believe the insurance company is not offering you enough money to make the necessary repairs.

Speaking with a church insurance attorney may also help you better understand your claim. To connect with a knowledgeable, experienced lawyer at Voss Law Firm, call 888-614-7730. For more helpful insurance claim tips, follow us on Facebook.

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