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Why would my business need legal help to file a business interruption claim?

There are a number of reasons you might choose to bring in a policyholder attorney to help with a business interruption claim. One of the most common reasons business owners contact us is because they have run into an unusual or complicated snag during the adjustment process, such as dealing with:

  • An extensive interruption of business
  • Numerous other claims for business losses from the same event
  • A claim for losses has been denied under existing coverage
  • An offer from the insurance company that seems too low to cover business interruption losses

Even Without Complications, Business Interruption Claims Can Be a Struggle for Policyholders

While many kinds of commercial insurance claims can be complicated or suffer from complicated circumstances, business interruption claims—even the seemingly simple claims—can be notoriously difficult to settle fairly. Unlike a more straightforward property damage claim, the loss adjuster assigned to your case must draw from a number of data sources to estimate your losses due to interruptions, and these determinations can be very subjective. Additionally, business interruption coverage can vary from policy to policy, and some business owners are unpleasantly surprised to learn that their policies do not cover interruptions.

If you are struggling with a business interruption claim, an attorney who has extensive experience working with commercial property owners and their insurance companies can step in and help you take control of your claim, ensuring that you get the maximum recovery in your circumstances and avoid common mistakes.

For more information about how our experienced legal team can help you, request your free copy of our informative book, Commercial Property Owners Must Read This Before Filing an Insurance Claim.

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