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How can my business maximize a hail insurance claim?

Insurers across Texas have declared a “war on hail,” hoping to minimize the amount paid for hail losses across the state. But what is your business supposed to do if you experience legitimate hail damage that is covered under the policies you pay for? To maximize your commercial hail claim, you’ll need to be proactive from the beginning, which might mean:

  • Understanding your policy. Hail damage on commercial properties is often covered under a separate policy, and it’s important to understand exactly how hail losses are covered and what steps you’ll need to follow.
  • Reporting hail damage promptly. You may not have to file a claim right away, but you should notify your insurer of storm damage in the first day or two to avoid wrecking your claim.
  • Getting an independent assessment. Although the insurance company may send personnel out for estimates and assessments, you will want to make sure that all damages are thoroughly assessed and recorded—so it can pay to get an independent assessment of your hail losses.
  • Working with an attorney if you run into delays, denials, and undervalued claims. Especially after large-scale loss events, it can be difficult to get what your business needs out of a hail claim. If you run into trouble, speaking with an experienced policyholder attorney could help you maximize your claim and fight for your policyholder rights.

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