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I am being sued for damages for a contract breach. Are there any defenses that could help me get out of this adverse contract?

There are many different breach of contract defenses that may be applied in your case and be argued in court. Some of these defenses include fraud, pressure to sign, blackmail, duress, impossibility of performance, lack of capacity to enter a contract, errors in the contract, agency, statute of limitations have expired, or if the contract is one-sided. Additionally, if the other party has expressed that he or she doesn’t intend to fulfill his or her contract obligations or if he or she caused a material breach of contract first, then the contract should be voided.

It is best to talk with a skilled Houston business lawyer and have him review your contract to look for any possible defenses that can be used to win your case or get it dismissed. Once an experienced contract attorney reviews your business contract, he will be able to determine if the contract is unlawful. If the contract is unlawful, if you were forced into signing the contract, or any other of the above defenses applies, a lawyer can fight for your breach of contract lawsuit.

A lawyer can look at your case, find the right defenses and loopholes, and use those to prove in court that the breach of contract lawsuit should be dismissed.

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