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Bicycle Accidents Deserve Representation From An Attorney With Special Knowledge

Any accident involving a motor vehicle can result in serious injuries, but an accident with a bicycle can be particularly nasty. Bicycle accidents can also be caused by dangerous conditions on the road or uncontrolled animals. Attorney Bill Voss appreciates avid cyclists and participates in many charitable bicycle rides around Texas, including the MS-150. As someone who truly appreciates a regular and active cyclist he is particularly aware of the very real risks of riders. After practicing personal injury law and representing many cyclists in his career, he is in a unique position to empathize with and represent riders when they are injured.

Bicycle Accident Attorney Bill Voss

No matter how careful you are when you ride your bicycle, and even if you wear a helmet and other protective gear, you face the potential of suffering severe injuries in a bicycle accident.

For these reasons, if you are ever injured while riding a bicycle, it is particularly important that you hire an effective and experienced bicycle accident attorney to protect your rights. Bill Voss has the experience, skills and dedication to vigorously pursue your rights in the unfortunate event of a bicycle accident.

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