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Churches Saved by Business Interruption Coverage?

It isn’t necessarily pleasant to think about your church or religious community as a business. But in many aspects, a church does operate as a business, especially when it comes to insurance coverage.

While religious centers don’t operate to make a profit, they do need funds to continue their operations and continue to offer services to the community. When a church property is damaged so that it is impossible to continue operations, having business interruption insurance is vital, both to the church and the community that it serves.

When your church is too damaged to operate

What happens when your church, synagogue, or other religious facility is damaged so badly that it can no longer function? What if your church is harmed by a hurricane, flooding, wind, fire, or vandals? Not only does your congregation lose its place of worship, but your church loses many if not all of its sources of income. You may be facing more than the cost of repairs; you may be facing a huge drop in donations, a stoppage of preschool income, tuition, and fees.

Do you have church business interruption insurance?

The majority of churches have property insurance that protects them in the case of a loss event like a fire or storm. However, not all churches take it a step further and buy business interruption insurance. Business interruption insurance provides protection from loss of income related to a loss event that stops your church from functioning. With business interruption insurance, you may get money to compensate for your loss of incoming donations and tuition if your church must shut down operations due to damage (or due to a number of other reasons).

Do you need a business attorney?

Has your church been forced to stop operations due to damage or another issue? You may have business interruption insurance, and you may have an opportunity to secure funds to help. To learn more about your potential claim, speak with a church insurance attorney at the Voss Law Firm: 888-614-8854.

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