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Understanding Crop-Hail Insurance: Do You Need It?

This summer, hail caused $5 billion in damages to central Europe—harming everything from vineyards in France to farms in Germany. At the same time, Texas saw more hail damage to crops in 2013 than any other state in the country.

But although hail is a real threat for farmers and their crops, hail damage is not covered under the Federal Crop Insurance Program in the United States. Farmers who wish to insure their crops against hail must buy a specific crop-hail insurance policy from a private insurer.

What makes crop hail damage unique?

Hail damage and agricultural hail insurance are unique in three different respects. First, unlike many other natural events, such as drought, hail can damage one field severely while leaving a nearby field totally unscathed. Secondly, certain crops are more susceptible to hail damage than others; for example, when high-yield crops are struck by hail, the financial consequences can be significant. Finally, large and frequent hail only strikes certain regions of the country. While a farmer in New England may not need hail insurance to protect his crops, a farmer in Texas would probably benefit from coverage.

What does crop-hail insurance cover?

Although the name insinuates that crop-hail insurance only covers hail damage, many crop-hail policies actually cover other types of weather damage that could harm crops, including wind, lightning, fire, and vandalism. Some policies also cover certain types of damage that occur during transportation.

Agricultural Insurance Claim Attorney

A poor growing season or an adverse weather event can put your livelihood at risk and compromise your business. Getting the right crop insurance coverage, including crop-hail coverage, is vital to the success of your farm. If you have a question about crop insurance, or if you are fighting to get a crop insurance claim paid correctly, call Voss Law Firm today to schedule a free, private consultation with a Texas crop insurance attorney: 888-614-7730.

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