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Your Business Dissolution May Need the Assistance of an Experienced Business Attorney

Many people understand that they need an attorney to help them start their business and to help their business prosper as it grows. However, fewer people know that you may also need a business lawyer when you decide to close your business and move on. 

Businesses end for many reasons. Perhaps your venture has reached its natural end, perhaps a dispute has made continuing impossible, or perhaps no one has stepped up to take over after your retirement. Whatever the reason, it is vital that you tie up all loose ends before shuttering your company. Not doing so could result in legal issues, wasted funds, and wasted opportunities. 

How can a business attorney help you dissolve your business? At Voss Law Firm, we will work with your staff to help you: 

  • Determine your business’ assets and debts
  • Outline your remaining tax obligations
  • Understand intellectual property issues
  • Address the future for your clients and customers
  • Predict and address any lingering legal disputes
  • Address the issues of leased or owned property
  • Contact state and federal agencies and comply with their laws
  • Distribute assets and revenue

We can also help you answer these common business dissolution questions: 

  • When should I freeze the business’ bank accounts? 
  • What do I do if there is a dispute between my business partner and me? 
  • What happens if I have failed to file my annual business report? 
  • What happens to our intellectual property, like our client lists and patents?
  • Can I change the name of my company and start over? 
  • Can I start a similar business after I dissolve this one? 

Are you moving on from your business but aren’t sure how to tie up loose ends, avoid litigation, and follow the letter of the law? At Voss Law Firm, our Texas business attorneys have the knowledge and experience to help you close this chapter and start a new one without regret or worry. To learn more about our business dissolution services, please call us today to speak with our team and schedule a meeting: 888-614-7730.

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