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The Difference Between Mitigating Losses and Wrecking Your Industrial Insurance Claim

When a storm leaves a trail of damage or a fire causes damage to industrial facilities, it’s natural to want to make repairs as soon as possible and deal with the paperwork after you’ve gotten back to normal operations. However, before you start calling contractors and scheduling repairs, be aware that you could repair your way into an insurance claim denial if you aren’t careful about your loss mitigation plans.

Steps You Can Take to Avoid Wrecking Your Industrial Insurance Claims With Needed Repairs

If severe weather, an accident, or a natural disaster has halted operations at an industrial facility that you own, we understand that you’re eager to start making a recovery plan right away. As you start prioritizing repairs and assessing the extent of the damage, we recommend you take these four steps to help you protect your industrial insurance claim:

  1. Consult with a legal team that has experience both handling negotiation with insurance companies and helping companies create practical recovery plans. An experienced legal team can help make sure that you have the documentation and resources you need to successfully pursue a claim for recovery.
  2. Take extensive photographs of the damage. Before you start cleaning up, take pictures of all of the damage as you found it. This documentation can help you prove your claim later.  
  3. Take care of the most immediate concerns. Take the actions needed to stabilize damage and prevent further problems. Don’t forget to take “before” and “after” photographs of any repairs, too.    
  4. Hold off on making additional repairs until the damage has been assessed and documented. Don’t be tempted to make repairs before the insurance adjusters and your own legal representation have had a chance to assess the raw damage.

For more information, contact our experienced team directly, or visit our regularly updated, policyholder-focused blog for additional tips.

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