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A Texas Fire Insurance Lawyer Looks Back at 2011 and What it Means for 2012

In 2011, there were many natural disasters, such as wildfires and widespread storm damage. Because of the many disasters in Texas throughout last year, homeowners may be faced with ongoing insurance disputes far into 2012. 

Insurance companies have been hit hard last year with tornado, hurricane, wind, flood, hailstorm, other storm-related claims, as well as fire insurance claims. Because the state of Texas experienced many damaging natural disasters, the insurance companies are looking for ways to minimize insurance claim payouts. 

Texas Wildfire Claims

For example, The Insurance Council of Texas indicated that 2011 was the costliest year for wildfires in Texas. A lack of rainfall that caused a drought in many areas of Texas led to record wildfires. 

According to the Insurance Council, six of the ten largest fires in Texas history took place in 2011, with the costliest one being the Bastrop fire that destroyed over 1,600 homes. Because we know this, we are aware that insurance companies will look to minimize the claim payments on these types of claims. 

As Houston insurance litigation lawyers, our firm believes no one should be shorted on their insurance policy coverage benefits. Just because the insurance companies were not prepared for the volume of fire insurance claims, does not mean that they shouldn’t have to pay homeowners what is rightfully theirs under their policies. 

Insurance companies have estimates that have been analyzed by experts to indicate how many claims and the variety of claims that they may expect to pay out in a certain year. When this goes wrong due to a natural disaster that they were not prepared for, insurance companies often use the tricks of stalling, delaying payments, undervaluing claims, presenting low-ball offers, or denying claims all together. These actions are bad faith insurance practices that homeowners shouldn’t accept. 

If your insurance company has presented you with too low of an offer, delayed your payments or outright denied your insurance claim, you may need to talk with an experienced Texas fire insurance lawyer at the Voss Law Firm at 888-614-7730 for a free consultation today.

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