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Hurricane Insurance Claim Denials – a Look at the Past to Anticipate the Future

Many people and homeowners may not realize how difficult it sometimes can be to get their insurance claims resolved, especially hurricane insurance claims. This is because many assume that their insurance companies are aware of where and when hurricanes occur, and will come through for them, since their damage was a result of a natural disaster. However, this is not always the case.

A Closer Look at Past Results

Sometimes the past can be used as an example of what could take place in the future. For instance, Hurricane Ike in 2008 caused billions of dollars in losses for many Texas residents. The wind damage, water damage, roof damage and overall hurricane damage left many homeowners in need and waiting for their insurance companies to come through for them so that they could rebuild, repair and move on. 

However, many Texas residents found that it was difficult to get their insurance claims approved following Hurricane Ike, and discovered that insurance companies fight tooth and nail against paying a claim’s full value. Some insurance companies only wanted to pay for the wind damage and not the other damage, which left many homeowners with denied claims for water and roof damage.

One such insurer at the center of hurricane insurance claim denials like this is the Texas Windstorm Insurance Association (TWIA). In fact, because some residents had such a difficult time working with TWIA to overturn their denied insurance claims, they filed lawsuits. 

Denied Insurance Claim Lawsuits

There are 13 suits relating to Hurricane Ike that have been filed against the Texas Windstorm Insurance Association in Jefferson County District Court from January 30 to February 10. Although this hurricane happened some time ago, some residents are still dealing with their denied insurance claims. 

From this example, you can see how difficult working with insurance companies can be, and oftentimes insurance lawyers need to be engaged to fight back against the insurance company with a lawsuit in order for a homeowner to benefit
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