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Hurricane Irene Brought Damage and Taught Lessons

Hurricane Irene came and went during this year's devastating hurricane season and left behind much damage to residences, businesses, farms and more. Although hurricane season is tapering off, hurricanes still occur through the end of November and can cause serious damage. Unfortunately, there is still time for another disastrous storm to make landfall.

In fact, six of the most expensive hurricanes in this nation happened in the months of September and October. Since we are in one of the most expensive hurricane months in the U.S. (according to insurance expenses), there are still tips that many can learn that will help homeowners in the event of a hurricane.

Lessons Learned

The high winds, heavy rains and flooding that Hurricane Irene brought taught millions of Americans a lesson - prepare for future storms.

Homeowners need to have an emergency plan in place ahead of time, including an evacuation plan. The Insurance Information Institute urges homeowners to prepare for a disaster because those that do tend to recover quickly and survive a major catastrophe.

In addition, it is critical to maintain a home inventory list, including pictures and receipts, in order to get the amount of insurance you need quickly. You should also make sure your insurance policies are kept up-to-date with a detailed inventory. If you have made a large purchase or renovated your home, you need to inform your insurance company so that you are covered adequately before you need to file a residential insurance claim.

If you live near a river or another body of water and are in a hurricane area, you need to make sure that you purchase flood insurance. Even if you do not live by the coast, as Hurricane Irene showed, flooding can still occur and cause serious damage. Most homeowner's insurance policies do not cover flood damage or hurricane damage, and you need to understand what type of insurance coverage you have and know your deductibles before a hurricane or other tropical storm hits. Do not wait until another hurricane hits to find out what your deductibles are. Look at your policy or call your insurance company to find out how your insurance deductibles will be applied.

If you have suffered property damage in a hurricane, tornado or other tropical storm, call a skilled hurricane insurance claim attorney at the Voss Law Firm at 888-614-7730 for a free discussion of your case before filing a property insurance claim.

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