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Is a Devastating Hurricane in the Cards for Georgians?

Is the State of Georgia overdue for a devastating hurricane? Many weather officials have stated that Georgia has not had a direct hit from a major hurricane for more than one hundred years, and only four minor storms have made landfall – with the last one over 33 years ago. 

Although Tropical Storm Alberto and Tropical Storm Beryl formed quickly off Georgia’s coast already this year, officials said they weren’t too much of a threat to the state. However, for homeowners in Georgia who were affected by these tropical storms, it was a different story, as Tropical Storm Alberto made partial landfall in Georgia and Tropical Storm Beryl neared hurricane force and caused strong winds, flooding rains and excessive lightning in areas.

Yet after these tropical storms, there are still many residents in Georgia who believe they are immune from hurricanes. Tropical Storms Alberto and Beryl gave Georgians a taste of what could come in the future. Because Georgia’s coastline is short, a direct hit from a hurricane is less likely; however, weather researchers want Georgians to know that hurricanes are still a possible threat to Savannah and even further inland to Atlanta. 

Residents of Georgia need to understand that hurricanes are not just a coastal problem, but that hurricanes and tropical storms can cause damage to inland areas of Georgia as well, as they did in the following past storms:

  • In 1994, Tropical Storm Alberto was the costliest natural disaster in Georgia’s history, producing catastrophic flooding.
  • In 1995, Hurricane Opal caused 79 mph wind gusts in Marietta, north of Atlanta, causing wind damage and downed trees.
  • In 2005, Hurricane Katrina produced 18 tornadoes in Georgia in a period of 24 hours.

Hurricanes can cause strong winds, flooding, tornadoes, and storm surge. Inland areas are not immune to this damage. Those who live inland are susceptible to sustaining damage from tornadoes, flooding, and hurricane winds. 

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