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Two Roads to Disaster Funds for Municipalities: Insurance Claims & FEMA

When severe weather strikes, it often doesn’t only affect a small area. Entire towns, cities, counties, and even states can be devastated. For example, last year Hurricane Sandy swept up the East Coast, causing widespread destruction to whole regions. When these large loss events happen, it isn’t just residential properties and commercial properties that are damaged. Public property, such as government buildings, parks, and courthouses also need repair.

In the wake of a severe loss event, towns, cities, counties, and states must take immediate action.

What are the avenues for making repairs to public property and lands?

After disaster strikes, local governments should immediately assess and document the damage and make any mandatory repairs as soon as possible. Understanding the extent of the damage is key to getting proper relief. It’s important to understand that for municipalities, damage doesn’t stop at fallen trees and ruined roofs. The entire business of the city could be stalled, including transportation, government, and the community infrastructure. At the same time, cities and counties may struggle to pay their emergency responders, who work many hours of overtime during these times of need.

Next, municipalities will want to file the appropriate insurance claims. They should do so only after fully understanding their policies and coverage. Filing fast may be helpful after a large storm that affects a high number of properties and businesses. It is essential that your government receive a fair claim amount. Not properly reporting losses or not fighting for the fully amount that you are owed may mean insurmountable budget issues down the road.

Finally, your municipality should determine whether it would qualify for Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) assistance. While many associate FEMA only with direct emergency response (such as sandbagging), this agency also helps with rebuilding communities. FEMA offers two types of programs: one for individuals and one for municipalities.

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