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Coastal Municipalities Can’t Make Excuses for Poor Hurricane Planning

As populations in coastal cities soar and sea levels continue to rise, emergency managers and planners in coastal communities—and even in nearby inland communities—have to take steps to be prepared for serious tropical storms and hurricanes every year. This might include a regular review of hurricane insurance coverage or an update to response management as a community grows, but the most important step you can take as an emergency manager is to make sure your response plan is tailored to the current state of your community. Ultimately, your community depends on you to have an adequate response plan in place, and you can’t afford to risk a hurricane catching you and your community unaware or a few years out of date.

Planning for Unpredictable Storm Damage to a Coastal Community

Although forecasts and warning systems go a long way toward helping communities make decisions about potentially devastating weather, emergency managers and community leaders still have a responsibility to plan effectively for hurricane response and recovery. From allocating funds for additional emergency crews, to evacuating residential neighborhoods, to working around flood-blocked roads, your community has a lot of potential problems to address—and it’s not always easy to identify what might be missing or where a response plan might fail. If you’re not prepared, denied and delayed claims can stall your community’s recovery for months, or even years.

Bringing in the Professionals During Hurricane Planning in Your Community

Whether your community is large or small, covering every potential complication of emergency response and recovery is a big job. By choosing to bring in our professional team of policyholder attorneys, you can get a thorough review of the policies and insurance coverage your municipality currently has in place, how to fight denied claims, and where you need improvement.  Our legal team has worked with a number of communities and governmental agencies regarding similar issues, and we would be happy to speak with you about your concerns.

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