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Despite Knowing Nexium® Causes Bones To Deteriorate And Break, They Marketed And Sold Nexium® Without Warning Consumers Of The Significant Risks Of Bone Deterioration And Fractures.

Nexium® is a prescription-strength proton pump inhibitor ("PPI") used for the treatment of heartburn, acid reflux, ulcers and inflammation of the esophagus, which works by reducing acid in the stomach.  Nexium® also, however, prevents calcium absorption which causes bone deterioration and eventual fractures.

On March 22, 2011, the FDA issued a safety alert stating use of prescription PPI's, including Nexium®, results in an increased risk of fractures.  In May, 2010, the FDA mandated manufacturers of PPI's, including Nexium® , begin to include safety information and warnings about the increased risk of osteoporosis and fractures associated with PPI's.

However, as early as 2006, studies found PPI's, by reducing hydrochloric acid in the stomach, interfere with the body's ability to absorb calcium, thus speeding up bone loss and leading to an increased number of fractures.  In total, six studies have found the risk of fracture significantly increased for those patients over fifty (50) years of age who took a prescription-strength PPI, like Nexium® , or who took any PPI regularly for more than one (1) year.  Specifically, use of PPI's increases the risk of fractures in women up to 34 percent.

Nexium® is AstraZeneca's largest-selling drug and the third largest-selling drug in the world.  Defendants sold over $5.7 billion dollars worth of Nexium® in 2005 and $5.2 billion dollars worth in 2008.  Despite knowing Nexium® causes bones to deteriorate and break, Defendants marketed and sold Nexium® without warning consumers of the significant risks of bone deterioration and fractures.

The Voss Law Firm is currently pursuing Nexium® claims for injuries related to severe bone fractures.  If you have taken Nexium® and suffered severe bone fractures (broken bones), please contact us immediately for free legal advice.

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