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Texas Prescription Drug Lawyer Discusses Dangerous Birth Control Medications

Pharmaceutical companies are no strangers to lawsuits. In fact, drug companies are often at the center of defective drug lawsuits due to dangerous drugs and the side effects certain medications cause. It is unfortunate that innocent people have to suffer due to a company’s negligence.

Bayer AG is one such company that has been in the spotlight for its dangerous birth control medication: Yaz or Yasmin. Recently, the courts ordered Bayer to settle about 500 lawsuits for $110 million, which is the first resolution regarding this dangerous drug.

Yaz Dangerous Side Effects

The majority of women at one time or another have taken birth control pills as a contraceptive and to help minimize their menstrual cramps and decrease the length of their cycles. However, many women did not know the side effects associated with a popular birth control pill – Yaz – until it was too late.

Yaz has been linked to many health complications, including:

  • Heart attack
  • Stroke
  • Pulmonary embolisms
  • Thrombosis
  • Death

According to studies, Yaz increases a woman’s risk for cardiovascular problems and venous blood clots about three times as much as other birth control pills. Because blood clots can cause breathing difficulties, stroke or death, it is a very serious matter, and the company should have warned women about the possible dangerous side effects.

Yaz contains drospirenone, a unique hormone that is linked to blood clots. Sadly, this drug is still allowed on the market, and the U.S Food and Drug Administration has ordered Bayer and other birth control drug companies to strength the blood clot warnings on their packages. 

Although Yaz is the medication that has taken the most heat, there are other birth control pills that have caused women to suffer blood clots and even die as a result. Studies show that two to four women out of 10,000 will suffer blood clots while taking birth control pills. 

If you have suffered side effects from Yaz or another birth control medication, you may choose to file an individual lawsuit against a pharmaceutical company. In fact, Bayer is expecting more lawsuits from women who took these pills. If you believe you have a case against Bayer, please call an experienced Texas prescription drug lawyer at the Voss Law Firm at 888-614-7730 for a free consultation, and request a complimentary copy of attorney Bill Voss’ book, Bad Pills and Their Side Effects.

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