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Why You May Need an Insurance Claim Attorney for Your Bastrop Fire Claim

The recent Bastrop wildfire has left thousands of Texans with damaged homes and businesses, which means that insurance companies are having to deal with countless insurance property claims regarding the Bastrop fire in the coming months.

If your home was one of the 1,386 homes destroyed in the wildfire, don't take any chances. Talk to a skilled insurance litigation lawyer today for help navigating these complex insurance claims. You need to be prepared to deal with your insurance company so your claim does not get denied or settled for a lower amount.

For help getting financial compensation that you are entitled to after the horrific situation you have been through, you should talk with an experienced Texas fire claim attorney. Because the Bastrop fire was one of the most devastating fires to strike Texas, you may have been left without the means to make a living. This means you need the insurance company to come through for you and fast.

If your home or business was destroyed in this Texas blaze, you may need more compensation than you initially think. This is why it is beneficial to talk with a lawyer skilled in Texas fire claims, so you can make sure you are being treated fairly by your insurance company.

Behaviors insurance companies are known for include:

Delayed payments: Insurance adjusters are trained professionals on how to delay claims so that their insurance company can hold onto the money longer. They may ask you for the same paperwork over and over again or not return your calls.

Offer lower settlements: Insurance companies are not in the business to give all their money away. Make sure you do not settle for too low of an offer. You have the right to appeal it.

Deny settlements: If your insurance company denies your claim due to insufficient coverage or other various reasons, you need to appeal their decision and hire an insurance litigation lawyer.

Although you may never think something like this would happen to you, you should always be prepared and know what to look out for when dealing with your insurance company and adjuster. If your insurance company offers you too low of a settlement or denies your claim, you have the right to appeal it. Call a knowledgeable insurance claim attorney to review your policy and calculate what your Bastrop fire claim is worth. You can reach the Voss Law Firm to speak with a qualified Texas insurance litigation lawyer in a free legal consultation at 888-614-7730.

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