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Hurricane Preparedness Tips for Coastal Texas Businesses

Posted on Oct 30, 2012

As hurricane season is underway – lasting through November 30th each year in this U.S. – the Texas coast remains vulnerable to property damages caused by tropical storms and hurricane-force winds.

Sadly, 30 – 40 percent of small businesses do not recover after a disaster, according to the U.S. Small Business Administration. This is why the Texas Windstorm Insurance Association (TWIA) has produced a top-ten hurricane preparedness list for business owners so that they can take precautions to limit their commercial insurance losses in a future hurricane. 

  • Have a plan in place that identifies critical operations and make arrangements for your business to operate in another facility if yours is not accessible.
  • Review your insurance policy and change coverage ahead of time – before a hurricane is imminent.
  • Prior to a disaster, discuss with key employees who will be responsible for notifying customers, suppliers, utility companies, and creditors that your company is operating during the aftermath of a hurricane.
  • Communicate with employees about how to get company updates during emergencies. Have updated contact numbers for each employee and make sure every department has the list of employees’ phone numbers.
  • Make sure the most expensive office equipment is in the safest interior space, or relocate to a safe place.
  • Verify that rooftop equipment is secured to the roof deck.
  • Keep important papers and records in safe storage cabinets above ground; place important papers in waterproof bags or wrap them in plastic wrap.
  • Back up computer files and store them in a safe area – outside of your business location.
  • Check with your county or municipal officials about emergency management procedures.
  • Make sure your employees have been trained to turn off power, gas, and water within your building.

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