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Tips & Advice for Your Hurricane Irene Insurance Claim

The East Coast might still be dripping in Hurricane Irene’s aftermath, but property damage insurance claims are being filed by those that have been devastated by the catastrophic power of the storm. The damage caused by Irene has disrupted the lives of millions. Those who do not act quickly may have trouble receiving timely and sufficient payments from their insurance company.
There are some things you can do right away to help your insurance claim. Try to take pictures, make a list of all damaged items and structures, and attempt to get an estimate from a local contractor for repair work. Regardless of how quickly you act, however, there is still the issue of whether the insurance company will offer you a fair amount.
The number of Hurricane Irene insurance claims is expected to top one million. Insurance companies know they will be paying millions, if not billions, of dollars to those insured. In order to reduce the amount they pay out to customers, insurance companies will unfairly deny claims, partially deny claims, act in bad faith, delay their investigation, make low offers, and erroneously interpret laws or contracts in a way that absolves them from having to pay for your damage.
Storm damage claims are typically covered under many types of insurance policies. However, flooding damage may not be. The best way to ensure your claim is paid is to hire an experienced insurance litigation attorney who can decipher contract wording and who knows the typical loopholes insurance companies attempt to escape through.
At the Voss Law Firm, we can help you get a fair settlement during this challenging time. If the insurance company is failing to provide acceptable service, contact us for a free, no-obligation, confidential consultation.
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