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‘Miracle In The Mud': Engagement Ring Found in Lamar County Tornado Debris

‘Miracle In The Mud': Engagement Ring Found in Lamar County Tornado Debris

When a tornado hit Lamar County Friday night, Dakota Hudson and Lauren Patterson feared they would not survive.

“We could feel the house start lifting up around us. We could hear the creaking and breaking,” Hudson said.

When the couple emerged from their bathroom, everything around them was destroyed, including their home, a family member’s house next door and all their neighbors' homes.

“God had his hand over our entire community,” said Hudson. “Looking at this destruction it’s hard to fathom how anyone could survive it.”

As the couple began checking on neighbors and learned everyone was physically OK, Hudson realized the engagement ring he’d just purchased to surprise Patterson was lost in the debris.

“Needle in a haystack doesn’t come close to what we were looking for,” said Hudson.

That’s until the Paris Junior College softball team stopped by the property Tuesday to offer help cleaning up.

Once the team heard about the missing ring, they got to work.

“I basically made my mind up. I was going to find the ring,” outfielder Kate Rainey said.

Rainey and her teammates searched for hours until she spotted a little miracle buried in the mud.

Though it wasn’t the proposal he had planned, Hudson decided there was no better moment to pop the question. Covered in mud, he dropped to one knee, surrounded by debris and with a team of softball players cheering him on.

“We’re safe. We’re here. Everybody’s alright. It’s a miracle the ring was found. What better time to do it?” Hudson said.

She said yes immediately.

Couple Standing invfont of Fallen House

“This was the light in a very dark moment. And it is still a dark moment, but this has given us reason to breathe and smile a little,” said Patterson.

The couple is staying in a hotel until they determine their next steps. They hope to rebuild on the same property and say they are extremely grateful for the love and support they’ve received from the community during this challenging time.

Softball tea Standing With Couple

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