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Getting the Full Cost of Additional Living Expenses After a Fire

Texas residential fire damage insurance claims lawyerUnable to live in your home due to fire damage? Additional living expenses (ALE) may be able to help. Included in most standard homeowner's insurance policies, ALE can help policyholders pay for costs incurred as a result of being displaced from their home by a covered disaster. However, ALE may have certain monetary and time limits, so it is important to check your specific policy for details. An experienced Texas insurance claim lawyer can help interpret your policy and advise you on what additional living expenses are covered in the event of a fire.

Additional Living Expense Coverage

In addition to fire, ALE may be used to pay for additional expenses associated with damage caused by windstorms, vandalism, water damage, or explosions.

Potentially Covered Expenses

  • Cost of a hotel or temporary home rental
  • Restaurant bills if you have no access to cooking facilities
  • Pet boarding fees if your temporary housing does not allow for pets
  • Gas and mileage if you need to drive further than you did from your home for work, school, or other essentials

Some things that ALE may not cover after a fire include damage to your personal belongings or physical damage to your home since other types of insurance coverage protect against these kinds of losses.

Understanding Your Policy and Its Limits

To understand what types of additional living expenses are covered under your specific insurance policy, it is important to read your policy carefully and ask your agent to address any questions or concerns you may have. An insurance claims lawyer can also help you understand what is covered under your policy. No one can predict when a disaster such as a fire may hit your home so being prepared by understanding your additional living expense coverage is essential. Your policy may limit what your insurance will pay towards ALE after a loss. The amount may be a certain percentage of your dwelling coverage limit and can also come with a time limit to use the additional living expenses.

Using ALE Coverage

Insurers typically handle ALE by reimbursement, which means you'll pay for things like hotel stays, home rentals, restaurant meals, pet boarding, and other costs yourself, then submit the receipts to your insurance company and wait for them to pay you back. Keeping careful records of all your expenses is vital.

Can't afford to cover the upfront expenses yourself? Contact your insurance agent to find out if advance payment is possible.

A skilled Texas insurance claims attorney can help you navigate the unfamiliar claims process, protect your legal rights, and fight for you to get the full ALE coverage you need and deserve. A seasoned lawyer can also help homeowners negotiate additional or extended ALE in situations where it would run out before fire-related home repair or rebuilding is complete.

Let Us Help With Your Texas Fire Claim

When fire damages your home and forces you to find temporary housing, the associated costs can add up quickly. ALE can provide an essential lifeline, but getting full and fair coverage can be difficult without the help of an experienced fire insurance claims lawyer. Fortunately, you've come to the right place for assistance.

At The Voss Law Firm, we're committed to protecting our clients' legal rights and maximizing the value of their insurance claims. If you are being denied the full amount of additional living expenses after a fire in Texas, we may be able to help. Complete our online contact form or call our office at 888-614-7730 to schedule an appointment for a free initial consultation. We have recovered billions of dollars in settlements for our insurance policyholder clients and do not charge a fee unless we win your case.


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