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Dallas Storm Damage Policyholder Insurance

A preliminary report issued by the Texas Department of Public Safety, Division of Emergency Management shows the cities of Arlington and Lancaster received the brunt of the damage during Tuesday's storms.

Arlington reported 428 homes and businesses damaged, including 88 classified as "heavily damaged," as well as a nursing home that received moderate damage, according to the report. Only seven injuries - six minor and one critical - were reported there.

Fire officials in Lancaster, 20 miles south of Dallas, reported a tornado on Tuesday touched down in the northern part of the city and moved southeast through the city, the report said. Around 150 homes were destroyed, 100 residents displaced to shelters and 10 injuries reported, including two listed as severe. City officials there issued a disaster declaration.

Dallas also reported 40 homes and a truck stop were severely damaged.

The destructive reminder of a young tornado season Tuesday left thousands without power and grounded passengers at Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport, where more than 110 planes were damaged.

Delays and cancellations are likely Wednesday. "The variable we really don't know is how fast we can get the inspections done and, second of all, what level of potential damage we find that must be repaired," airline spokesman Tim Smith said.

The Dallas Morning News reported that American and its regional affiliate American Eagle canceled 424 flights Wednesday "as their mechanics hurried to inspect aircraft that were pounded by hail in Tuesday's storms."

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