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Disputes Arise Regarding the Valuation of Business Interruption Losses

With the ambush of floods, hurricanes, and tornadoes that have occurred in the recent years, business interruption losses have been shocking. Sadly, many companies cannot survive such natural disasters either because they do not have enough insurance or because the insurance company has a dramatically different view about what is and isn’t covered under a commercial insurance policy.

Differing Views About Business Interruption Losses

Even when business owners do everything they can, like purchasing business interruption insurance to ensure their business’s profits during a catastrophe, they may find themselves battling with their insurance companies for losses. Business owners buy this type of insurance to protect themselves and their companies in the event of a natural disaster and interruption in their operations. However, once a business turns in a claim for business interruption losses, they realize the disparity in views between how the insurance company looks at the loss and how a business owner evaluates the loss.

Business owners and insurance companies often battle over the amount of losses that should be reimbursed under a business interruption insurance policy. When this occurs, insurance litigation lawyers should be consulted. Attorneys who are used to negotiating with insurance companies can often get business owners a fair amount of the losses reimbursed. However, if the insurer denies a claim or continue to offer a low settlement, a Texas business litigation attorney who specializes in denied insurance claims can represent that business in court in order to guard against being short-changed for losses from business interruptions.

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