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If you are spending more money on living expenses because your home is damaged or in the process of being repaired, you may be entitled to reimbursement of your expenses. Your homeowner’s insurance policy may cover these costs as “alternate living expenses” or “additional living expenses.” What are a few examples of what may be covered?

  • Because your hotel room does not have a kitchen, or has a limited kitchenette, you have to eat at restaurants or buy more expensive prepared food. Your food bill is therefore higher than usual.
  • Because you cannot use your washer and dryer, you have to go to a local laundromat to clean your clothes. The laundromat is more expensive than the cost of cleaning your clothes in your own home.
  • Because you are staying with family, you need to hire someone to watch your dog during the day. Your dog would normally stay in your back yard, but you have the additional cost of sending your dog to a daycare during the day.
  • Because you are staying in a hotel, your commute to work involves extra driving, a longer commuter train commute, or a higher parking fee. Your commuting expenses increase.

Remember: most insurance policies will not cover all of these expenses in whole, only the difference between your normal expense and your current expense.

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