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Feel Like You Were Offered Less Than the Wind Damage to Your Farm Is Worth?

You’ve filed an insurance claim for wind-related losses on your farm, but you’re not happy with what the insurance company has offered to pay—even after months and months of waiting for an answer. Do agricultural policyholders have any options, or are they stuck with whatever the insurance company has determined? While you may need to look for the answers to some complicated answers along the way, you should know that it really is possible to fight and undervalued wind-damage claim and be successful.

After high winds affect major agricultural regions, insurance companies are hesitant to pay out the maximum on every crop, farm equipment, structure, and livestock claim they receive. As a result, many agricultural policyholders may find that the true cost of their losses has been underestimated by their insurers—and they might not even find out that there’s a problem until they receive the first offer. Although they depend on the money they receive from the insurance company in order to recover from a major loss event, the truth is that many end up accepted less simply because they’ve already waited so long and aren’t sure what their options are.

If this sounds like you, don’t hesitate to reach out to an experienced policyholder attorney right away. With experienced legal help, you may be able to prove the real worth of your claim to the insurance company and make the most of the windstorm coverage you for.

For more information about negotiating windstorm claims for farms and agricultural businesses, request your copy of our free book, Understanding Agricultural Insurance Claims, or contact our legal team directly at 888-614-7730.


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