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You return to your home to find that it has been the subject of a break-in or vandalism. What should you do? While many people know that they should call the police, fewer people know what steps they should take toward filing an insurance claim.

5 Prudent Steps to Take After Your Home’s Been Burglarized

  1. Report the crime to the police. Burglary is a serious crime and should be immediately reported to the authorities. Tell the police everything you know about the incident – some of these crimes are solved, and some stolen property surfaces weeks, months, or years after a crime.
  2. Carefully identify stolen items. Make certain that you know what has been taken from your home. Check your safes, your jewelry boxes, and your electronics. You do not want to realize you are missing items after your file your police report and insurance claims. You also don’t want to report a missing item that you have simply misplaced. Collect any receipts or pictures of the missing items that you may have.
  3. Carefully catalog any damage to your home. Break-ins often involve damage to your home, from broken windows or doors to thoughtless vandalism. Don’t overlook this damage and only focus on your lost property.
  4. Report the crime to your insurance company. Call your insurance company in a timely manner. Tell them the details of your incident and provide them with any evidence that you have collected.
  5. Fight back if your claim is denied or underpaid!  If your insurance claim has been wrongfully denied or underpaid, you should know that you have the right and the ability to take legal action. Speak with a Texas insurance claims attorney today.

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